Pantone Pairings

Pantone Pairings“ is an instagram project by Minneapolis-based graphic designer and illustrator David Schwen who created a series of pantone food matches.


Food as Object

Yuichi Nishihata a talented photographer, noticed how much food was being thrown away and created this project to show this as a visual statement.


Aspic Lollipop

Essen Magazine features the recipe for these amazing looking lollipops!

Images by Carmen Mitrotta | Food Design by Ermelinda Impellizzeri


Brooklyn based designer Matt James Stone has done some really interesting sculptures using bananas!

How much sugar is hiding in some common foods?

Ice Cream Parlour

In order to build a bridge between food, product and experience, designer Ploenpit Nittaramorn created the concept project Ice Cream Parlour. The young designer tries to introduce a new experience of enjoying home made ice cream as well as to educate people through the process of making in a world that everything is made by machines.

Ice Cream Concept Parlour 2012 from ploenpit on Vimeo.

Noisy Jelly

Noisy jelly is a game where the player has to cook and shape his own musical material, based on colored jelly.

The gamer has to mix the ingredients, included in the chemistry lab, with water and make jelly shapes. Next, these jelly shapes have to be placed on the board in order to activate the game.

NOISY JELLY from Raphaël Pluvinage on Vimeo.

Petri dish painting

Artist Klari Reis demonstrates a collection of Petri dish painting. A new plate everyday for the rest o 2013!

Hyper realistic paintings

Enjoy these hyper realistic paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay, an artist from Netherlands. The self-taught artist calls his style “Megarealism”, and indeed the details are amazing!

Casa Mariol wine ink

The polish winery Casa Mariol in order to make Cabernet Sauvignon, the winery’s finest wine, stand out as a business gift and attract potential partners, created a pen filled with wine instead of ink!

Casa Mariol – Wine Ink from Casa Mariol Polonia on Vimeo. via

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